Customary International Humanitarian Law and Palestine


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Rule 1. The Principle of Distinction between Civilians and Combatants

Rule 2. Violence Aimed at Spreading Terror among the Civilian Population

Rule 3. Definition of Combatants

Rule 4. Definition of Armed Forces

Rule 5. Definition of Civilians

Rule 6. Loss of Protection from Attack

Rule 7. The Principle of Distinction between Civilian Objects and Military Objectives

Rule 8. Definition of Military Objectives

Rule 9. Definition of Civilian Objects

Rule 10. Loss of Protection from Attack

Rule 11. Indiscriminate Attacks

Rule 12. Definition of Indiscriminate Attacks

Rule 13. Area Bombardment

Rule 14. Proportionality in Attack
Rule 15. Principle of Precautions in Attack
Rule 16. Target Verification
Rule 17. Choice of Means and Methods of Warfare
Rule 18. Assessment of the Effects of Attacks
Rule 19. Control during the Execution of Attacks
Rule 20. Advance Warning
Rule 21. Target Selection
Rule 22. Principle of Precautions against the Effects of Attacks
Rule 23. Location of Military Objectives outside Densely Populated Areas
Rule 24. Removal of Civilians and Civilian Objects from the Vicinity of Military Objectives


Rule 25. Medical Personnel
Rule 26. Medical Activities
Rule 27. Religious Personnel
Rule 28. Medical Units
Rule 29. Medical Transports
Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Rule 31. Safety of Humanitarian Relief Personnel
Rule 32. Safety of Humanitarian Relief Objects
Rule 33. Personnel and Objects Involved in a Peacekeeping Mission
Rule 34. Journalists
Rule 35. Hospital and Safety Zones
Rule 36. Demilitarised Zones
Rule 37. Non-defended Localities
Rule 38. Attacks against Cultural Property
Rule 39. Use of Cultural Property for Military Purposes
Rule 40. Respect for Cultural Property
Rule 41. Export and Return of Cultural Property in Occupied Territory
Rule 42. Works and Installations Containing Dangerous Forces
Rule 43. Application of the General Rules on the Conduct of Hostilities to the Natural Environment
Rule 44. Due Regard for the Natural Environment in Military Operations
Rule 45. Serious Damage to the Natural Environment


Rule 46. Order or Threats that No Quarter Will Be Given
Rule 47. Attacks against Persons Hors de Combat
Rule 48. Attacks against Persons Parachuting from an Aircraft in Distress
Rule 49. War Booty
Rule 50. Destruction and Seizure of Enemy Property
Rule 51. Public and Private Property in Occupied Territory
Rule 52. Pillage
Rule 53. Starvation as a Method of Warfare
Rule 54. Attacks against Objects Indispensable to the Survival of the Civilian Population
Rule 55. Access for Humanitarian Relief to Civilians in Need
Rule 56. Freedom of Movement of Humanitarian Relief Personnel
Rule 57. Ruses of War
Rule 58. Improper Use of the White Flag of Truce
Rule 59. Improper Use of the Distinctive Emblems of the Geneva Conventions
Rule 60. Improper Use of the United Nations Emblem and Uniform
Rule 61. Improper Use of Other Internationally Recognised Emblems
Rule 62. Improper Use of Flags or Military Emblems, Insignia or Uniforms of the Adversary
Rule 63. Use of Flags or Military Emblems, Insignia or Uniforms of Neutral or Other States Not Party to the Conflict
Rule 64. Conclusion of an Agreement to Suspend Combat with the Intention of Attacking by Surprise the Adversary Relying on It
Rule 65. Perfidy
Rule 66. Non-hostile Contacts between the Parties to the Conflict
Rule 67. Inviolability of Parlementaires
Rule 68. Precautions while Receiving Parlementaires
Rule 69. Loss of Inviolability of Parlementaires